Holiday Weekend Wrap-up

9/06/2010 09:02:00 AM

I've had a great holiday weekend to myself...
 {Yes, it would have been nice to be on a beach somewhere but there is something wonderful about a weekend at home. I was able to lounge around in my pj's all day (without Nicky pacing around me) and do things when I want to do them.}

It's been a successful weekend shopping-wise.

{I'm going to need a lot more pairs to be able to do this! I also received a few special packages this weekend and was able to prance around my bedroom in all my new stuff.}

I did some much needed house cleaning.

{It's so hard to get motivated to clean, but once I started I was able to get a lot done.}

I had my fill of my favorite sandwich.

{Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches...I had it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 2 days straight and no one was here to tell me it smelled funky.}

...and finally, I did some much needed maintenance on my blog {if you haven't noticed (:}. It was definitely a good weekend, but it's not over yet so I better go eat another sandwich!

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