Hello Weekend!

9/10/2010 05:48:00 AM

I am looking forward to:

...taking long bubble baths...

{Just kidding...I hate baths, especially in our dirty bathtub.}

...a clean house {again}...

{I hate the cleaning part, but like the results. It's also shedding season in our household (not just Zuzu, but me as well). There is hair everywhere, so we really need to vacuum. Yes, very gross. I know.}

...finally, finally getting my jeans hemmed {it will happen this weekend}...

{7 For All Mankind "A" Pocket Flare in Nikita (not to get confused with my Lexie and Cozumel A-pockets which are in a very convenient petite size)...I've been wearing these anyways even if they are too long. Ugh, I just keep buying more pairs without getting the previous ones hemmed. My new favorite brand Siwy Denim!}

...kicking my feet up and relaxing {after cleaning, of course}...

{I can't seem to get enough relaxing in.}

...and getting some more pictures taken of Zuzu for my scrapbook.

{I haven't done a very good job scrapbooking. I only have 3 pages and none are finished, so my goal is to at least finish my Zuzu page. The theme is "In the Jungle"...fitting for a Lion dog...expect lots of cute pictures to be posted this weekend.}

Have a {wonderful, wonderful} weekend!

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