Hello *Labor Day* Weekend!

9/03/2010 05:44:00 AM

Finally here and I'm kickin' it off early! I am looking forward to:

...buying beautiful accessories for my toes (care-free shopping since Nicky isn't here to supervise - hello #10? Or hello new purse? Grrr...if this wasn't sold out online I would have purchased it two days ago.)...

...finally getting the bazillion pairs of jeans I purchased over a month ago hemmed...

{7 For All Mankind Dojo in New York Dark...Urghh, all the money I saved on the initial purchase is going towards hemming them.}

...a quiet weekend to myself {and Zuzu}...

...doing a whole lotta nothin'...and loving every minute of it! I  3-day weekends!

Have a {wonderful, wonderful} weekend!

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