In My Closet

3/21/2019 10:43:00 AM

Gucci Leather belt with Double G buckle. I am totally on this bandwagon (it's hard not to be when you see it everywhere). Initially, I thought the wider belt was going to be too much for my petite frame, so I had every intention of getting the smaller belt, but at the last minute I purchased the wider one. I figured that if I was going to spend the money then I might as well get the larger one (go big or go home, am-i-right?).

The sizing for these were tricky. I wanted the option to wear the belts high on my waist or low on my hips, so I sized based on my hips. I heard that Gucci will punch additional holes on the belt for you if you need it (I haven't taken them in to get it done, so I can't confirm whether that is true or not), but taking it in also negates the warranty. I'm not really concerned about the warranty because I don't expect to need it, but it is something to keep in mind. In my opinion, I would rather take the risk and have a belt I can use, rather than have it sit in my closet because it doesn't fit.


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