Happy Weekend

3/17/2019 10:32:00 AM

This weekend: My last weekend to be on call! Ever. It's a running joke in my company that whenever I'm on call things always go wrong, so the guys try their hardest to make sure everything is all in order before I'm on the clock.

[Dinner views @ Desert Mountain Golf Club]

  • Looking for a casual brown designer bag for Summer. I think I'm leaning towards the Gucci Soho Bag.
  • No Home Chefs this week, so I've been making a lot of soups on-the-fly. I made my own Shirataki Noodle soup and it was downright delicious. The noodles are 0 calories, so I could indulge without the guilt. I get my noodles from Sprouts (House Foods is the exact brand I get), but you can find them online.
  • I purchased a few more dresses as options for the wedding: {1} and {2}. Hopefully, one of these will work...
  • Also, still vacation planning, so I picked up these dresses for Hawaii: {1}, {2}, and {3}.
  • And finally, scheduled my first SNS Dip manicure this week. I'll probably write a review on my experience in an upcoming post.
Have a great weekend!


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