Happy Weekend

3/22/2019 12:27:00 PM

This weekend: Celebrating a friend before she walks down the aisle. Nick will be officiating the wedding (his second one), so thank you Universal Life Church of Modesto California for making another wedding possible.

  • Girls night out on Saturday, we'll be going to dinner at El Chorro (a Scottsdale favorite) and then hitting up the bars in Old Town. Since I'm not used to staying up past 10PM, I'll need to have a few 5-hour energies available #TooOldForThis
  • Still deciding on my outfit, but it will include this faux leather skirt I've been dying to wear and inspired by this photo.
  • Speaking of outfits, I've decided on a dress (will reveal later), now just need to decide on shoes. Considering the Valentino's I'm wearing in the post photo, but I'm thinking the Louboutin sandals I wore for my own wedding would be more comfortable. Hmm...
  • I'm giving away a $400 gift card to Nordstrom. If you haven't yet (ends tonight at 10PM Eastern Time!), go enter the giveaway on my Instagram: @cocoaandpearls.
  • And finally, I got an invitation to LikeToKnowIt. Go follow me here: www.liketoknow.it/cocoaandpearls. I'm still working on getting posts up, but you can also shop my outfits on my shop page.
Have a great weekend!


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