My *Wishlist*

7/07/2010 05:01:00 AM

This is my very first 'Wishlist' series post (Yay!). My one rule: only add items I am seriously considering buying (I like the satisfaction of crossing things off my list). So let's start off BIG (as in big bag)...

Balenciaga City Bag
Slouchy, unique, and ultra chic...

I love this bag - mostly because it can be carried multiple ways (it also includes a shoulder strap) and doesn't have designer logos plastered all over it. As much as I 'LVoe' my LVs, it's a little flashy for certain settings (specifically work). I can envision myself easily toting around my Macbook in this bag and still have plenty of room for all my other junk. 

{Sigh} I probably won't be getting this for a while though (I already have my next bag picked out...more to come on this), but it deserves #1 honors since I've wanted it for so long.

Wish List
1. Balenciaga City Bag

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