Another *Great* Day

7/15/2010 12:01:00 PM

Since I had to get at up at 5am this morning to host a training session with some clients in India and Ireland, I decided to just work from home today {I am so grateful I have a job that allows me do this}. So, I took an extra long lunch break, had lunch with Nicky at the Mediterranean Cafe, and stopped by the Bop sale. 

By the time I got there, there was already a line outside and we all had to stand in the hot hot sun waiting to get in. It was a frenzy inside with people grabbing as much stuff as possible and the line for the fitting room was longer than the line to get in! Even with all of that, I was still able to find some great deals on Seven jeans {I bought a bazillion pairs - am I exaggerating? - sadly, no}, Elizabeth and James sweaters, and of course lots and lots of Marc Jacobs. 

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