Lake Powell Half Marathon

2/05/2019 11:27:00 AM

This was my second half marathon (my first one was the Lululemon Half a few years ago). Was I prepared? No. Did I train? No. Did I finish? Heck yeah, but it took sheer will power. I was winded after the first 3 miles and spent a lot of time walking (and taking pictures and texting my friends and family). Why didn't I train? Well...because I was lazy. I started running a few weeks before the marathon and that was the extent of my "training" (and by running, I don't mean long distances, just short little jogs). I knew I wasn't going to take this one seriously, so I wasn't too worried about my time (all I cared about was that I finished). I would NOT recommend doing it this way, though.

[The day before the race, we hiked to Horseshoe Bend (half a mile hike there and back from the parking lot) and carb-loaded at the only Italian restaurant in town.]

[I may not have had the fastest time, but I did get some spectacular photos during the race.]


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