In My Closet

2/26/2019 07:53:00 AM

Saint Laurent LouLou Monogram Small Chain Bag in Light Pink. When I purchased this bag, I was obsessed with pink and really wanted a pink bag. The one I picked out online on the YSL website was a more vivid pink, but since this one was available at my local Neiman Marcus, I went and picked it up same day. I don't regret it. The color is more neutral and easier to coordinate with outfits.

I'm usually a big bag girl (I carry a lot of stuff around for no good reason), so this was quite the change for me. I downsized to a smaller wallet, smaller sunglasses (I got folding Ray-Bans), and only carried around a few other items (phone charger being one, of course). After 6 months, I realized I didn't need much of what I had in my bigger bags and truthfully my back probably appreciated the break. Now I'm back to my old big bag ways, but brought this out again for our Vegas trip.


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