Collagen Supplements

1/29/2019 07:56:00 AM

I have to admit: I'm a pretty adventurous eater (and proud of it), but I hated the thought of taking collagen supplements. Before this, I had tried for years to get into protein powder, but just never mentally got over the thought of eating meat powder (yes, I know there are such things as vegan protein powder, but I just couldn't do it). It was so much in my head that I tricked myself into tasting the unflavored powder in my coffee which had creamer, tons of sweetener, and hazelnut flavoring ( there was really no way I could have tasted it). That was months ago. Now, meh, I am ok eating ground up cow.

I saw Vital Proteins at Target (so it must be legit, right?) and bought it without doing any research. It wasn't until after I got home that I started reading about the benefits and most importantly the source of the powder. According to their website, Vital Proteins is made from cow hide sourced from Brazil and not from bone like I thought (not sure where I got that idea from and not sure why it would even bother me because I eat bone marrow!). According to their website, BSE (Mad Cow Disease) is not a concern because of the source of the collagen. That was partially why I was hesitant to try collagen powder initially. I just didn't know where it came from.

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Incorporating the collagen powder into my daily routine was easy. I use one scoop of the unflavored collagen powder in my morning coffee and one scoop of the Lavender Lemon powder in my afternoon drink (one packet of Crystal Light + 1/2 lemon, juiced + 24 ounces of water). Just this past weekend, I found a Strawberry Lemon flavored powder at Target and it's legit delicious, so I think I'll be replacing the Lavender one with the Strawberry one from now on.

Have I had any side effects? No. Have I seen any significant results with my skin and joints? Not really...but I've only been using this for 3 weeks and honestly, my skin is pretty good and I've never had any issues with my joints. I'm using this as a preventative measure and also as an appetite controller in between meals because of the amount of protein in the powder. I like to think of it as protein powder with collagen rather than the other way around. The science behind collagen powder may still be iffy, but I'll probably continue using it because of this last point alone and hopefully lose a few pounds while maybe improving my skin.



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