My feet need friends...

6/26/2011 04:56:00 PM

...I just realized that after last week's Louboutin arrival, I don't have any big purchases to look forward to. A new purse will probably be coming my way within the next month or two, but I'm also considering another pair of Loubs (definitely can't have too many).

...maybe a classic shoe?...

(Rolando Patent Pumps, Bibi Patent Mary Jane Pumps, Classic Ankle Boots, Canon 140)

...I bought these Withey pumps from Aldo in Bone, but I'd love a pair of Christian Louboutin nude pumps (so Rolando, maybe?).

...or something a little flashier?...

(Bibi Glitter Pumps, Very Prive in Nude Lace, Hyper Prive in Black Glitter, Hyper Prive in Nude Glitter)

Stay tuned!

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